Hilary after the make-over


Hilary Friedman is the 15 year old eldest daughter of Jim Friedman, and the sister to Lou and Espn Friedman. She is very athletic, but very skinny. Her father is always telling her to "beef up". It is revealed that she has a crush on Jake, but doesn't think he likes her. She also said that most of the guys at her school basically think she is a lesbian, because of the way she dresses and looks. She would like to look diffeent.

Personality Edit

She likes to play basketball, and is happy about that. She doesn't like that her father doesn't understand her. During the Africa trip/safari it is hinted that Hilary is a good dancer and enjoys it.

Appearance Edit

She has red hair and is average height. She has brown eyes. She is very beautiful with longs legs.

Family Edit

Hilary has family who cares very much about her including:

Romances Edit

Jake Edit

Hilary meets Jake on the Africa trip when her family is matched to sit at his table. She has a crush on him, but he doesn't show to much interest in her, until she gets her makeover. They start dating, which her father at first does not approve. The thing is, he lives in Canada and she lives in America.

Trivia Edit

  • It is hinted she is a good dancer
  • Her mother passed away due to cancer
  • She later dates Jake
  • Guys at her school think she is a lesbian
  • She has two sisters she cares about
  • Her father doesn't think he understands her
  • She may not need a bra
  • She is trying out for the Varsity Girls Basketball
  • While eating, she needs to "beef up"
  • She is skinny
  • She really likes Lauren Reynolds
  • Her boyfriend lives in Vancouver
  • Her barber only knows how to do 2 hair styles
  • Guys mistake her as a dude
  • She may not like being called a dude


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